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In her motivational speaking, Janine identifies the pitfalls that keep goals hidden in plain sight and shares 'life-hacks' to avoid them. Ultimately Janine helps others uncover their own unique life mission and be inspired to follow it. Her stories are comical - and touching, Janine will ultimately challenge each audience member to: "Do what they can, with what they have, from where they are," with their lives, careers, and relationships. Watch the 4 minute highlight reel below
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"Janine is a self-contained DYNAMIC package!"

Jim Palmersheim, American Airlines

  • Janine Stange is an amazing keynoter with a contagious personality!  Her standing ovation presentation was just what we needed to close our conference.  Her story is personal while delivering a strong message.  Oh, and that voice, what a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem.  We made the right choice in picking Janine!
    Mark B.
  • Over the years we’ve had lots and lots of speakers present to our group of real estate agents and some are good, some are average and some are exceptional.  Janine checks the “exceptional” box on every level.  Exceptional at engaging and reading the audience while delivering relevant, action items that can be applied in all aspects of life from business to personal to family - which is so important these days.  She’s funny and topical but best of all she kept it moving with no “dead spots” during her time on stage and we all know dead spots can make or break a speaker with an audience especially in today’s attention challenged world. If you’re looking to have an absolute rockstar speaker on your stage, I would recommend you consider booking Janine for you’ll be glad you did.  Plus, her voice when performing the National Anthem (which I recommend you have her sing at the end of her talk 😊) will bring chills to your skin and tears to your audience’s eyes.  She is truly exceptional. 
    Todd M.
    Coldwell Banker
  • Recently, I was fortunate enough to be at an event where Janine Stange was the keynote speaker. It isn't easy to grab the attention of 250 attendees, but Janine did so with humor, presence, and a powerful life message that resonates with all of us. If you want your event attendees to be entertained, and benefit from an inspirational speaker, I highly recommend Janine!
    Jeff L.
  • Our members took to you instantly. Your positive, uplifting message gave us all something to carry with us long after the conference ended. You are such an enthusiastic speaker, who had us laughing one minute and tearing up the next. We also appreciate your taking time to speak with us prior to the conference and using those notes in your presentation. It was such a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for all of your efforts in making our conference a success. Our members have had a difficult past two years due to the pandemic. You gave them the energy to keep pushing while serving the students of North Carolina.
    NC SNA
  • “Janine Stange kicked off our annual meeting in great style! Attendees embraced her enthusiasm and energy as she shared her remarkable story, inspiring individuals to find their  “when/then” and encouraging them to achieve that goal.”

    Missouri Bankers Association
  • “Starting the day with the enthusiastic, positive and inspiring talk from Janine, was the perfect way to not only celebrate our nation but also learn of the commitment and drive that lives inside each of us. So inspiring, so emotional and so uplifting to hear her story in her own words.”
  • Janine has a presence like few speakers I’ve encountered. She walked on stage and the entire room’s energy came alive. We were quoting her all day after her session.
    inspection GO
  • I have had the pleasure of seeing Janine deliver the keynote at two state conferences for school business officials (Iowa ASBO and Kansas ASBO).  Janine is a high energy speaker who reminds us that we all have our talents to share with others just as she has done across America and beyond.  Her real life stories combined with her humor make Janine a great choice for an inspirational speaker.
    Mt. Pleasant Community Schools
  • "You knocked it out of the park, Janine! Thank you for being a part of our conference - we're so happy to have had you with us!"
    Residential Real Estate Council
  • Janine was fantastic! She set the tone with her opening keynote. She was a joy to work with! She will definitely inspire any audience!
    Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives
  • Our "Comeback Conference" was a huge success when Janine Stange opened our first in person conference in two years by singing the National Anthem and speaking to our Peeps about “do what they can, with what they have, where they are”.  It was a mental health break for our hardworking School Business Officials.  Many commented it was the best Keynote they've heard in years.
    Iowa ASBO
    Iowa ASBO
  • Thank you for joining us at our first virtual Key kickoff. Let me just say you were a hit! Your message resonated with our agents and the feedback was incredible. I think your talk generated MORE chat than any other part of our kickoff :)
    Key Realty
  • Janine spoke at our Virtual National Women's Leadership Conference in October, 2020 where she connected with our members on such a personal level, as a friend, sister, daughter, and as a working woman inspiring them to be pursue their goals.  She is driven and ambitious, and she sets goals, but always with a kind heart and a sense of humor.   I highly recommend Janine Stange as a keynote for your next conference event.
  • “Janine Stange is a star to work with from start to finish. Early on in the planning process she took a valued interest in my organization, the attendees and nature of the event. It was clear that she used this information to curate engagement with my guests. The day of our event she took the opportunity to meet with VIPs and created personal connections with them, this went a long way with our group. Furthermore, on stage, Janine exudes confidence and relatability, seamlessly flowing between her personal journeys to those that our guests could relate to. Lastly, she has a stellar voice with a humble humorous personality. She is a great asset to any event”
    Associated General Contractors of America
  • Janine Stange was instrumental to the success of our virtual event for over 500 Veterans. Her contributions inspired many and certainly engaged our audience in an impactful way. Book Janine if you want to impress and raise the bar!
    D. Roy
  • Janine brings her personal touch with her moving story that demonstrates how to use what you have to get what you want!  Her Patriotic approach to sing the National anthem across the United States has gained her popularity and recognition.  Her frank and comedic speaking style makes her the perfect choice for any organization looking to inspire it's members to cast aside their limited thinking and reach wholeheartedly for their goals while recognizing their own unique talents and contributions.
    Peggie Pentecost
    Women's Council of Realtors
  • We are so happy that Janine Stange was able to present to our organization virtually for our conference! She was energetic and engaging with a message that was relatable and well backed with examples and stories. I highly recommend having Janine present at your next event.
    Rachel P.
  • "I cannot speak highly enough about Janine Stange. I had the opportunity to host Ms. Stange for a speaking engagement for educators during Covid via a remote Zoom call experience. The level of passion and conviction for her story and message resonated even virtually -- I can only image the powerful connection that could be made in person. Ms. Stange story of perseverance, making a difference and sharing the commitment of our military and their families is a message that needs to be heard."
    Lisa S.
    LYL Systems
  • Janine’s performance and discussion was the perfect way to kick off our Convention. Her delivery was high-quality.
    Lauren Dwyer
    CEO Programs American Bankers Association
  • Working with Janine was easy, seamless and professional.  In my two years of hearing speakers at our events each month, I have never heard our group get as quiet as they did with Janine.  It is not so easy to get a group of people who are nonstop chatterers to actually listen, Janine had no problem doing so.  Janine is captivating, her story is truly one of a kind, we were laughing, crying and smiling with her during her time with us.  I would recommend Janine Stange to anyone looking for a great experience all around as she has a way to engage your audience/ attendees like I have not experienced before.
    Alex T.
  • Janine is a living demonstration of taking your talent and crafting it to not just be self serving, but selfless serving.  Janine has grit, and a real way to connect with anyone in the audience no matter what their background is.   I laughed, I cried, I walked away inspired.  I didn't get to just "hear" the inspiration, she even made us "do" an exercise that is truly life changing.  It's obvious Janine has found her calling and she will help you find yours too.  Grateful for her courage to be authentic and vulnerable, only to help others do the same. 
    Allison B
    Michigan Realtors Convention
  • “Janine was extraordinary! Above and beyond expectations! With her comforting tone, she was able to relate with the crowd by sharing her own personal experiences and grabbed their attention with her inspirational words. Everyone was compelled to set goals and better themselves!”
    EnRec Solutions
  • This was our first time to have a motivational speaker and Janine did a FANTASTIC job. Our members absolutely loved her. I highly recommend Janine.
    Andrew Caldecott
  • Janine's message about taking action now on what's important to you really resonated with me, especially with my recent career change. And for those of you looking for an engaging, energetic and thought-provoking inspirational speaker for an event, I'd recommend her.

    Becki R.
  • She absolutely rocked it. For someone that runs events and has conferences - there's nothing better than bringing in Janine.
    Nathan Thornberry
  • Janine’s presentation was engaging, humorous, and real to life. It was like talking to a friend. She was awesome. I highly recommend her. The attendees loved her.
    Jan Shoemaker
  • I have been putting on shows for nearly two decades and sometimes speakers are hit-and-miss. Well, Janine was a HIT! Our theme this year was about relationship building and her presentation was so on target. Literally tears of joy and dealing with what life brings. Truly inspirational. #5StarRecommendation
    Brian Schaeffer
    Texas Advertising
  • Janine Stange gave an awesome presentation for our Association Kick off event. She went above and beyond putting together a tailored presentation for our group. Her story is both relatable and inspirational! She keep our members engaged in the program. I would highly recommend having Janine as a presenter/speaker at your next event!

    Alan J.
    Southwestern Michigan Association of REALTORS
  • Janine brought the house down! Our members were thrilled hearing Janine today, and I would highly recommend her without any reservation to any organization who wants to be inspired, wants to learn and also wants to be entertained. Her story is fascinating.
    Doug S.
    CEO Club
  • I am happy to enthusiastically endorse Janine. She will do well for you if you hire her. Janine’s message really resonated with our attendees. Additionally, beyond her speech, she was both professional and personable at the same time. Janine surpassed my expectations, and those of our planning committee.
    Adam Ehlert
    PDG, Rotary International
  • She was fantastic, entertaining, and had a heartfelt message to help people think of what they can do with what they have, right where they are. I would hire her!
    Dale Holder
    Liberty Rent Guarantee
  • We feel Janine has energized our year, our members were thrilled, surprised, and got so much out of it!
    Carrie Langley
    Piedmont-Triad Apartment Association

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