Motivational Speaking

In her motivational speaking, Janine identifies the pitfalls that keep goals hidden in plain sight and shares ‘life-hacks’ to avoid them. Ultimately Janine helps others uncover their own unique life mission and be inspired to follow it.

Her stories are comical – and touching, Janine will ultimately challenge each audience member to: “Do what they can, with what they have, from where they are,” with their lives, careers, and relationships.

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"Janine is a self-contained DYNAMIC package!"

Jim Palmersheim, American Airlines

  • This was our first time to have a motivational speaker and Janine did a FANTASTIC job. Our members absolutely loved her. I highly recommend Janine.
  • Janine’s performance and discussion was the perfect way to kick off our Convention. Her delivery was high-quality.
    CEO Programs American Bankers Association
  • I was fortunate enough to hear Janine Stange speak at a conference last weekend. Her message about taking action now on what's important to you really resonated with me, especially with my recent career change. Don't wait for the "when I ... then I'll ..." - just go for it! And for those of you looking for an engaging, energetic and thought-provoking inspirational speaker for an event, I'd recommend her.

  • She absolutely rocked it. For someone that runs events and has conferences - there's nothing better than bringing in Janine.
  • Janine’s presentation was engaging, humorous, and real to life. It was like talking to a friend. She was awesome. I highly recommend her. The attendees loved her.
  • I have been putting on shows for my advertising company for nearly two decades and sometimes speakers are hit-and-miss. Well, Janine was a HIT! Our theme this year was about relationship building and her presentation was so on target. Literally tears of joy and dealing with what life brings. Truly inspirational. #5starrecommendation
    Texas Advertising
  • I am happy to enthusiastically endorse Janine. She will do well for you if you hire her. Janine’s message really resonated with our attendees. Additionally, beyond her speech, she was both professional and personable at the same time. Janine surpassed my expectations, and those of our planning committee.
    PDG, Rotary International
  • She was fantastic, entertaining, and had a heartfelt message to help people think of what they can do with what they have, right where they are. I would hire her!
    Liberty Rent Guarantee
  • We feel Janine has energized our year, our members were thrilled, surprised, and got so much out of it!
    Piedmont-Triad Apartment Association

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